Meet The Team

Andrew (quikchaos)
  • Graphic Design 85%
  • Layout Design 90%
  • HTML/CSS/JS 80%
  • Wordpress/PHP 80%
  • Coffee Drinking 100%

Andrew (quikchaos)

Lead Designer

quikchaos is child of the 80’s, Young Hearted Father, Husband in training, PC Gamer, Music junkie, Coffee snob, Twitch Moderator, Graphic Designer/Coder

My day job has been and still is, an “IT guy” of some sort since 2000, covering just about ever aspect of technology. But in my spare time, I geek out with my wife and kids with games, movies, and TV.

ash9 was created back in 2007 as a way to showcase my favorite hobby, which is freelance web and graphic design. The name ash9 comes from my initials (ASH) and the first available number I found in available 4 letter domain names!

In 2015, a couple of friends agreed we can accomplish more if we pool out talents and work together, so it was a pleasure bringing the talented Draskia and Jed to the ash9 team!

Maggie (Draskia)
  • Photoshop 95%
  • Manga Studio Pro 80%
  • Concept Design 85%
  • Emote/Pixel Art 75%
  • Wacom Ninja 100%

Maggie (Draskia)

Lead Artist/Illustrator

I’m Draskia. A wife and mother of three, and while not tending to family, I am drawing. Always drawing.

You can check out my personal art portfolio over at!

You can find me most weeknights live-streaming art on! Check out my channel here:

This is Jen. Stealer of hearts. Also Jed's alter ego.

This is Jen. Stealer of hearts. Also Jed’s alter ego.

Jed (J3D247)
  • Node.js/jQuery 80%
  • Wordpress/PHP 90%
  • HTML/CSS/JS 90%
  • Graphic Design 80%
  • API Guru 85%
  • Baddass Ginger 100%

Jed (J3D247)

Lead Programmer

I am Jed. I am the ginger, British guy that writes the code for the things.

To be more specific, I specialise in Javascript(JS) and have been writing for small projects for a long time now and decided to bring that hobby into the real world!
With ash9 I am behind the ash9Labs chat bot, while also being involved in most of the web projects we undertake too.

When I’m not coding, I’m socializing. Whether that’s down the pub with some friends, or enjoying myself on games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive or Minecraft. I also spend an unhealthy amount of time on…

Some of my past work: